“I aim for images that make you think something special,
feel something special and take you somewhere special.”

~ Selena Rollason


The greatest images are those that illustrate powerful messages, stories and emotions. Whether its heartache, hope or something else, photography has an influential role in telling stories of life as we know it.


Heard of one born every minute? Make that 250 born every minute globally. Birth Photography is one of the fastest growing genres in the industry today. And these images are genuine, beautiful and emotive.


From pregnancy to old age, no matter the stage of life, our family and friends (our chosen family) make the world go round. But time ticks and families change. There is beauty in chaos and everyday life.


The world around us has so many wonderful things to see and photograph. The best part of exploring is finding new destinations (be it your own backyard or around the world), seeing new places and discovering the magic of a place, a moment and a time.


Nature & Underwater

You could photograph a piece of nature every day of your life and never run out of things to capture. The natural world, above and beneath the sea, have treasures and jewels to discover. They are stunning. They are unique. They are an art unto themselves.


Awarded Work

What makes a good photograph? Good technique, good composition, good subject matter. What makes an award-winning photograph? A good photograph with superior communication and technique. These are special images indeed.