A Story isn’t a Story until someone tells it!!
Powerful images are my voice.


My name is Selena Rollason
I am a professional photographer, a powerful storyteller and an avid traveler
with a unique view of the world.

I see things outside of the box….and I capture them.

For nearly 30 years, my camera has been my voice.
I’ve documented powerful stories, recorded beautiful moments,
captured unique landscapes and explored the world
around me through the lens of my camera.

I live my life telling stories of people and places
through powerful images.

I hope you enjoy my story!

~ Selena Rollason
APP M.Photog


About ME

I am a doula, a photographer, a mum and a woman with a passion for changing the world. I support women in the birth suite, photograph the world and love to teach.

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My PhotographEr role

Photography is a soul mate of mine. From families and birth through to travel and underwater, my work follows whatever direction I feel led.

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I absolutely love my role as a doula! Supporting women (and their partners) as they navigate pregnancy, birth and the early post-partum period is something I'm deeply passionate about.

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Sharing my knowledge and experience is an important role for me. I am grateful for the guidance I have had in my own journey and believe that teaching others is one of my callings.

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