There are some seriously amazing stories in this world.

Powerful storytelling isn't always stories of war or major event significant. It can be found in the
everyday people in the everyday world living everyday lives.

No, my documentary photography focuses on depicting contemporary issues and
interesting circumstances in life that are affecting human beings on a day to day basis.

These photography endeavors often take the form of personal projects captured at times when I either
need to search for inspiration or when a pertinent issue affects someone I know.

These images are more than just photographs, the accompanying text is an important part to
understanding the back story behind the images you see.

Here is just a small selection of this work.


2015 - An Angel named theodor



4 years old and fighting for life

2015 became a challenging year in the life of my own family when my 4 year old son was rushed off to intensive care with an unknown illness that came very close to taking his life. I was 39 weeks pregnant with my daughter at the time and the events of this incident still haunt me to this day.

He came down ill on a Friday and after losing consciousness and requiring emergency intubation on the table before us, doctors discovered that he was breathing on only half a lung - but couldn't work out why. We were losing him before our eyes.

For 5 days, he lay in intensive care in an induced coma while they worked to diagnose the problem. Two surgeries later and they managed to pull large (and hard) mucous blockages from his lungs opening up his airways and clearing him of a nasty infection from within. His eventual diagnosis - Eosinophilic Bronchitis - a rare form of bronchitis that affects only a few.

I will never forget the days spent in intensive care. The tubes, the machines, the drugs, the constant monitoring. Seeing my son struggling to breath and unresponsive to my touch and my voice. At first, taking photos was the last thing on my mind however documenting this time became an important part of processing this event and one day.....I'll show my son just how lucky we are to still have him in our arms!



Beating Breast Cancer

We all know someone who has had breast cancer. The number of cases worldwide is staggering!



Caring for a special pair


A Surrogate Grandmother