You never imagine that you are capable of achieving great things until at first you believe….

Whilst my professional photography journey began in 1999, it wasn’t until I became a full time photographer 2013 that my career truly took flight. From international photography titles to publication in global media, I’ve achieved so much more than I ever imagined.

Here is just a snippet of my greatest career highlights!


“Winning a Grand Award at WPPI is one of my greatest achievements to date. To be named as the best photojournalist in the world with this image series was beyond my wildest dreams.”


2019 - Sponsored & Supported by amazing brands

It’s a wonderful thing to partner with a brand. In 2019, I’ve had the honour to be supported in my endeavours by the following amazing brands - Nikon Australia, Fundy Designer, Brilliant Prints, Kayell Australia, Pixellu and Loupedeck. I’m proud to be associated with these great brands!


2019 - Winning the fight to ban photography

A controversial decision to ban birth photography by one of Brisbane’s biggest hospitals, saw myself and a small group photographers go public to fight the ban. A fight we can proudly say we won!

2018 - My role as a Professional Print Judge

2018 was a big year for me as a photography judge. Five years since my judging journey began, I was honoured to judge at numerous professional photography competitions locally, Nationally and Internationally.


2018 Queensland Professional Photographer of the Year

In March 2018, I was proudly named the overall QLD Professional Photographer of the Year, after first winning the 2018 QLD Documentary Photographer of the Y


2017 - International Media, Grandmother Delivers her Grandson

This amazing story of surrogacy was featured globally on some of the worlds greatest media sites and saw Selena win multiple international awards with its powerful storytelling.

2017 QLD Travel Photographer of the Year.jpg

2017 - QUEENSLAND PROFESSIONAL Travel Photographer of the YEAR

Travel photographer of the year?! Like what?!
As a birth photographer who rarely travels more than an hour from my studio, this result was a shock. The back story on how these images came to be though is pretty special though.