About Selena


I was 12 when I first picked up a camera. I saw the world around me and I wanted to document it. Treasure it. Remember it.

Born and raised in Australia, I’ve always seen the world differently to those around me. I see life as a series of pictures. Still moments in time just waiting to be remembered.

However, I long for the road. Adventures made more interesting as a mother to 4 beautiful children. They fill my days with joy and my heart with love, and make my life the best adventure there is.

For now when I travel, I travel alone. When at home, I document the power of birth, parenthood and life in my home country. I look for interesting moments in the every day while I dream about and plan for the next adventure.

I love to tell stories with my images and inspire others to find their own stories.




35 Jarvis Street
Stafford Heights QLD Australia 4053


IG: a.documented.life

+61 409 993 866